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Community of Mandela in Campo Grande Receives Support from BDM Digital and Project Sorriso Feliz

The BDM Digital platform has been a beacon of hope for those seeking alternatives and plausible solutions in the ever-fluctuating economic landscape. Since its inception, this digital platform has extended a helping hand to dozens of families through its cutting-edge technology and a myriad of social initiatives.

This year, the dedicated team behind BDM Digital joined forces with the non-profit organization, Project Sorriso Feliz, to gather donations of toys in anticipation of Children's Day for the Mandela Community. Given that over half of the residents are children, this joint effort has taken on a new dimension. While Project Sorriso Feliz has consistently organized such actions in the past, this time, in collaboration with BDM Digital, both institutions have rallied together to raise funds for the purchase of essential food baskets.

Nestled in the heart of Campo Grande, MS, the Mandela Community comprises over 500 individuals, including approximately 150 families and more than 200 children. Situated in the Coronel Antonino neighborhood, this community grapples with extreme social vulnerability.

In an effort to shed light on the plight of Mandela's families and their current circumstances, BDM Digital collaborated with SBT's team in visiting the community on October 2. This partnership aims to strengthen the support for this essential project. The grand distribution event is scheduled for Children's Day, which falls on October 12.

To contribute to this noble cause, one can simply scan the QR code provided in the BDM Digital app or copy and paste the email address ( into the app's clipboard. This collective endeavor carries immense significance for the families residing in Mandela, who often lack basic hygiene items or even food.

Stay updated on the progress of this vital initiative by following the social media accounts of BDM Digital (@bdmercantil) and Project Sorriso Feliz (@projetosorrisofelizms). Together, we can make a significant difference in the Mandela Community's lives during these trying times.

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