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Economic Expansion of Dakila into Panama

Dakila Pesquisas is actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at benefiting society, with its research serving as the foundation for these endeavors. One area that has received significant attention is the socio-economic aspect, with the overarching goals of achieving social equity and upholding human dignity. In line with these objectives, Dakila has developed a cryptocurrency known as BDM Digital. This digital currency is designed to address inequalities and provide inclusive and rapid access by utilizing a 100% national and proprietary blockchain. Simultaneously, the BDM Bank has been established as a platform offering integrated payment solutions in compliance with the regulatory requirements set forth by the Central Bank of Brazil. On September 20, 2023, Urandir Fernandes, the CEO of the Dakila Ecosystem, along with his financial team—comprising Kezia Miranda, Legal Counsel for BDM Digital; Alex Oliveira, Director of BDM Bank; and Tatiana Pereira, Director of BDM Bank—traveled to Panama for strategic business purposes. The choice of Panama as their destination was made after careful consideration by the compliance team and legal experts from BDM Digital and BDM Bank. This decision was primarily due to Panama's combination of stable political environment, thriving economy, and logistical advantages stemming from the Panama Canal's experiences.

"Panama has extensive experience in international relations and multibanking. Since the early 20th century, the Panama Canal has contributed to exponential growth, becoming a significant part of the region's GDP, reaching nearly $76 billion in 2020 and 2021 after quintupling in the previous decades. This highly favorable environment for foreign investors has earned Panama a top ranking in the World Bank's 'DOING BUSINESS' report, listing it as one of the best countries for conducting business. Additionally, the 2022 World Investment Report by the European Union and the UN highlighted Panama as one of the safest countries to launch international operations. Another attractive feature for investors is Panama's extensive use of the US dollar, providing a high level of currency stability, unlike other markets that may not be as receptive to the US dollar and Euro. Therefore, we are launching a Fintech to operate in various jurisdictions and regulatory spaces, always prioritizing user safety for BDM." - Kezia Miranda, Legal Counsel for BDM Digital.

Contracts with regulatory compliance were signed on behalf of BDM Digital, all in accordance with the requirements of the Panamanian government. Another set of contracts pertained to the residence arrangements for company employees, aimed at streamlining bureaucratic processes and facilitating diplomatic negotiations between Dakila, BDM Digital, BDM Bank, and the Panamanian government. These negotiations laid the groundwork for the physical establishment of BDM Digital and BDM Bank branches and, subsequently, a KionCosmetics store in Panama.

"Our objective is to maintain our strong reputation in the international market and expand investment options for BDM users. As part of our business plan, we are mapping out commercial and tax solutions to stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best results in terms of profitability, economic projection, regulatory compliance, monetary, financial, and currency stability. Our goal is to make cross-border transactions and remittances between different countries more secure. We will expand our portfolio and services, implementing new payment gateways, currency exchange options, and crypto asset exchanges to solidify BDM Bank as another successful fintech within the BDM Group, leaving an unparalleled impact on the multi-currency markets in over 150 countries." - Alex Oliveira, Director of BDM Bank.


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