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Highlights of the last live event with Sandro Rocha and the CEO of Dakila Pesquisas

On the last Friday, July 21st, actor and entrepreneur Sandro Rocha invited Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, the CEO of the Dakila Ecosystem, to his YouTube channel for a live event. The purpose of this live stream was to disseminate information about the 49 races, Oliveira's paranormal abilities, the 2030 agenda of the "System", the discoveries in Ratanabá, and the continuation of it´s research.

It is evident that this conversation was rich in information and reinforced several crucial points that need to be highlighted. Initially, Urandir shared his journey as a paranormal and recounted his early conversations with Bil, who even visited him when he was a newborn. One of the pivotal moments in these interactions was when Oliveira and his siblings were playing soccer, and after the match, they witnessed a manifestation of light on the field. It was at that moment he realized the existence of other realities and began seeking information from his friend Bil, who started teaching him about mental technology, how to visualize and interpret the biomagnetic field (aura) of people, among other knowledge.

After a few years without appearing, Bill retained the same appearance, prompting Urandir to inquire about the matter and understand how he hadn't aged. On the same night, they gathered with Urandir's siblings and friends when their neighbor Bil revealed himself as an extraterrestrial being.

Oliveira also recounted when he was invited to spend 27 days on a spaceship to further his development and study various subjects, with a primary focus on genetics. Approximately 700 people at the Recanto de Havalon witnessed the moment when he was taken aboard the spaceship.

Another highlight of the live event was the explanation of the 2030 agenda of world leaders, which involves the elimination of 70% of the world's population, replacing workers with machines, and reducing birth rates. All of this is achieved through the financial system and food control, leading to an increase in sterility among people. Furthermore, these leaders do everything possible to keep people's minds decelerated, as it leads to fewer questions and more ignorance, a way to "dumb down" the population.

In opposition to these ideas, Dakila has created its own bank and currency, offering an alternative to dependence on the financial system that is on the brink of collapse. Additionally, Dakila works to propagate knowledge and information that raises questions and allows people to open their minds and think differently, going against the entrenched system.

Following this, the conversation between Urandir Fernandes and Sandro Rocha shed new light on the findings in Ratanabá, particularly focusing on the elongated skulls. The CEO emphasized that these researches will bring benefits in finance, health, and longevity.

The next steps in these studies include submitting reports to IPHAN, which will facilitate excavation in some areas and clearance in others. The team also intends to establish a base closer to the discovered blocks and disseminate all information obtained to the maximum extent possible.

However, Urandir points out that he is not interested in divulging the artifacts too much due to IPHAN's bureaucratic processes. He also announced that the upcoming Ratanabá research involves biblical characters like Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, which will be the topic of future live events.

Towards the end of the live stream, Sandro Rocha inquired about the Greater North, the lands beyond the planet's icy borders. According to Urandir, these areas contain gateways, entrances to higher lands, including the second ring. He also noted that the Quran extensively discusses these gateways, to the point that some sheiks in Dubai were astonished that the Dakila team had knowledge of this location.

Although no one has managed to cross the gateways, there is a 15-day period during which navigation is possible as part of the ice melts during the summer. It is essential to remember that these lands are inhabited, and their residents are the ancestors of the Phoenicians.

Wrapping up this subject, the CEO of the Dakila Ecosystem answered some questions, and the live event came to a close. Despite its length, this live stream is brimming with information that will make you question and perhaps even find answers to some of these inquiries. In conclusion, Oliveira reiterated a phrase several times: "Everything is rhythm and vibration." Watch the full video for the link below:


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