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Historical hearing conducted by the US House of Representatives about UAPs

On Wednesday (July 26th), the United States House of Representatives held a historic hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena. It was the first time that this subject was officially addressed with a more serious acknowledgment that these mysterious sightings deserve attention at the highest levels of government.

For Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, the CEO of the Dakila Ecosystem, businessman, and researcher, the action taken by American lawmakers to bring this issue to the forefront deserves respect. However, according to him, the extraterrestrial presence on Earth predates the existence of the human race. He states, "Extraterrestrials have always been here, are still here, and will always be here," whether governments accept this fact or not.

He regarded the testimonies given by retired US Navy commander David Fravor and former US Air Intelligence officer Ryan Graves and David Grusch before US legislators as historic, as it marked the first time a more serious approach was made to this issue that many dismiss but is, in his view, undeniably true. Among the important research conducted by Dakila is the study and verification of the presence of intelligent beings from other planets interacting, and in many cases, even living on our planet, most of them for the benefit of the human race.

Urandir reports that there are races that are not as friendly to human beings, in the sense that they aim to maintain control over the population, achieved through governments, political leaders, and religious authorities. These beings are located in certain areas of Earth and are unable to leave, despite possessing advanced technology. They are the owners of the physical ships that sometimes crash and are under the custody of various governments, including the American government.

According to Dakila's CEO, there are 49 races and their allies who care for the human race with technology far superior to those of the beings "trapped" on Earth, and they can enter and leave our planet with ease, as they master technology that enables them to access time/space. These races have formalized partnerships with Dakila Pesquisas to provide relevant information to protect and enlighten human minds, which have been subjugated by government and religious control.

The hearing conducted by the US House of Representatives did not reach any conclusions or confirm the existence of alien life. However, the testimony of the two military personnel received significant attention, representing a major step towards the official confirmation of extraterrestrial presence on our planet. Lawmakers and witnesses used the episode to demand "greater transparency" from the military regarding unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which in itself is an extremely positive development.


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