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Prosperity in Your Hands: BDM Digital and BDM Bank

For years, the Dakila Research Association has been tirelessly crafting and implementing various mechanisms to develop an independent and self-sustainable economy that could be extended to benefit the global population. This ambitious endeavor has relied upon the collaboration and unity of its thousands of members in Brazil and several other countries. The result of their collective effort is the BDM (Golden Merchant Bonus), a social currency in physical form (paper) already in use in select cities.

In the initial weeks of circulation, physical BDM notes breathed life into local economies, fostering new avenues for trade and commerce among the populace, merchants, and entrepreneurs. With the ultimate goal of expanding this initiative to other nations, Dakila Research's technical team devised the BDM Blockchain—a 100% nationally developed and encrypted platform.

Thanks to this relentless pursuit of progress, particularly in the global market context, everyone can now harness this technology, enabling limitless and borderless transfers of value. BDM Digital - What it is and how it works

BDM Digital isn't about stocks; it's about digital assets, tokens, and stablecoins (crypto assets with low volatility)—a means of payment that yields returns based on its usage. BDM Digital serves both as an investment and an asset, putting real purchasing power into the hands of those who use it.

BDM Digital is for everyone, from homemakers, bakers, freelancers, small, medium, and large business owners to investors.

It doesn't result in losses as it is backed by assets such as mining reserves, companies, real estate, and more. BDM Digital's value increases with circulation and tokenization—the process of transforming real assets into digital ones, divided into encrypted units called tokens. Its creation stems from the purpose of generating opportunities for economic development for all, in a dignified, sustainable, and equitable manner.

The benefits of the BDM Digital app include:

  • Convenient and speedy money movement without red tape or intermediaries.

  • Enhanced security and assurance that your money won't be eroded by inflation, fees, or taxes.

  • Usability at various partner establishments like gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, real estate agencies, and more.

  • Features such as buying, selling, receiving, transferring, depositing, requesting withdrawals, and more.

  • The potential for multiplying your money through a Brazilian digital asset that's transforming the lives of hundreds.

Now, let's delve into BDM Bank—what it is and how it functions. BDM BANK is a platform offering integrated payment solutions, compliant with the regulatory requirements of the Central Bank of Brazil. Transactions for both individual and corporate clients of BDM BANK are processed and settled through the payment services technology platform of the BDM BANK App.

BDM Bank originated from the realm of crypto assets (BDM Digital), signaling strict adherence to fiscal and legal regulations, given the imperative need for verifying collateral (credit rights) and record-keeping. BDM Bank operates within the conventional financial market, offering services like debit/credit operations, mobile financing, automobile financing, life insurance, loans, and more—all the products of a traditional digital bank.

With BDM Bank, you can invest easily and conveniently. Perform withdrawals across Brazil and worldwide. Secure insurance through the App to protect the future of your loved ones. Engage in seamless PIX transfers—send and receive money from friends and clients effortlessly.


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