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Stepped Monument in Zigurats: Everything You Need to Know About This Mega Construction

On October 6th, Carol Marques from TVCH conducted an interview with psychologist Adriana Bueno, who is at the forefront of the construction of the stepped monument in Zigurats. This monument is an idea born from the Dakila Ecosystem, and its entire project has been meticulously planned. As Adriana reports, even before the foundation of the city of Zigurats, the team was already searching for the strategic geographical location for the construction of this monument, which would serve as the city's first landmark.

The monument, as Bueno aptly puts it, is situated in the heart of Zigurats and boasts dimensions of 63 meters in height, 63 meters in width, and 9 meters in depth. The project is based on universal mathematics, where the number 9 carries a frequency of victory, success, movement, and action. "All measurements of the stepped monument, including the internal dimensions, when added together, must equal 9," emphasizes Adriana.

One of the goals of this monument is to demystify pyramids and their functions, resurrecting their practical significance and generating data that can substantiate their role as quantum generators. Through numerous expeditions and bibliographic reviews, the Dakila team has discovered records of underground chambers with large coils, gold and copper wires, turning these structures into powerful energy generators.

As such, this construction serves a multifaceted purpose: it acts as a grand laboratory, a hub for knowledge distribution, including a library and museum, a commercial center featuring numerous shops, a cinema, food court, and more. Additionally, as mentioned, it functions as a tachyonic energy generator.

Tachyonic energy, also known as thought energy or mental technology, is considered to have the highest frequency in the universe. This is because, in addition to its creative potential, it also synchronizes with the Schumann resonance frequency. This synchronicity induces hormonal stability, contributing to a longer lifespan. Among the research Dakila aims to conduct in this laboratory is the proof that tachyonic energy is neutral, pure, without mass, and composed of pairs of opposite electrical charges.

Adriana Bueno also explains that as soon as the construction of the monument reaches its third tier, its emanated energy will start interacting with other stepped monuments spread across the globe, reactivating them to produce a portion of this energy, benefiting all of humanity. Furthermore, the team of researchers has left artifacts around the Saqqara pyramid to facilitate the interaction between these structures even before the completion of the stepped monument.

Even before its completion, the stepped monument has already had a significant socio-economic impact on the surrounding communities, generating numerous job opportunities for local families, whether in construction, food services, transportation, or other areas. Not to mention, there is already a smaller version of what this monument will be, with dimensions of 12m x 12m, open for visits and training based on lilarial science.

Bueno also emphasizes the nomenclature "stepped monument" because not all pyramids have this stepped shape, and it is essential for generating this energy. Furthermore, pyramids are highly associated with ancient Egypt and its mythology, while the term "stepped monument" is more scientifically aligned with the true purpose of this construction. Thus, this stepped configuration promotes resonant technology capable of transforming the vibrations of this system into energy.

To amplify this effect, the chosen center of the monument presents a high-frequency electromagnetic field, known as a neuralgic point, which channels the energies of the universe. During the foundation stage, numerous artifacts were placed with this intention, and in the current phase, tachyon wires, a metallic alloy composed of copper, brass, vibrated gold, and monoatomic gold plating, will be used.

The stepped shape also generates and produces sound vibrations, which have the ability to interact with water molecules and, consequently, all living things. Moreover, the monument will be capable of stabilizing the electrical impulses of brain activity by interfering with the magnetic field.

In a report, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, the president of the Dakila Ecosystem, pointed out that "Zigurats is situated at a neuralgic point of the Earth's magnetic network, which creates electromagnetic vortices that charge the atmosphere electrically, enhancing regeneration effects and our bodily battery." Furthermore, the entire region exhibits the Earth's largest energy vortex and anticipates a pole reversal.

As the interview comes to a close, Adriana emphasizes, "Everything we're discussing here represents less than 10% of the potential that the stepped monument has for us to enjoy once it's completed." She invites those with questions and curiosity to contact her directly at (34) 99925-9977 and announces that a website will soon be launched for greater transparency and dissemination of this project. Remember, if you wish to visit the city of Zigurats and its tourist attractions, including the stepped monument, you can contact Ziguratur via Instagram: @cidadezigurats or WhatsApp: (67) 99803-3999.

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