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The Growth of BDM Digital and Its Everyday Applicability

In celebration of the state division and, consequently, the anniversary of Mato Grosso do Sul, TVMS aired a special report on BDM Digital and its practical applications in both commerce and the daily lives of the population.

BDM Digital stands as Brazil's pioneering digital currency, initially emerging as "Bônus Mercantil" in the mid-2010s. During that time, partnerships were forged with merchants in Corguinho and Rochedo, who, through the circulation of this digital currency, experienced significant sales boosts.

However, it wasn't until early 2020 that BDM Digital took on its current form. Over the past three years, this digital currency has seen remarkable appreciation, starting at R$3.00 and currently exceeding R$11.00. Consequently, 98% of merchants in Rochedo, Corguinho, and the surrounding region now conduct transactions with BDM Digital. Moreover, it's operational in 13 countries and used in hundreds of businesses across Campo Grande, including supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, gyms, and more.

The foundation for this token's value lies in its circulation within these cities. As an example, every first Friday of the month, a market is held in Corguinho where all vendors exclusively accept BDM Digital as payment. To facilitate these transactions at the market, the BDM team provides a mobile internet antenna.

The AgroDakila team recognizes the significance of this currency flow and has therefore solidified partnerships with workshops and gas stations. Furthermore, all their employees receive their salaries in BDM Digital. AgroDakila aspires to become a model of modern agriculture, fusing technology and sustainability. Their current focus involves preparing the land to cultivate organic soy, corn, rice, and beans from non-transgenic seeds. Additionally, they are setting up a laboratory amidst the fields to analyze and enhance production techniques.

The BDM Digital token was created by the Dakila Ecosystem with the aim of bringing dignity and prosperity to people of all social classes. This currency also encourages individuals to acquire knowledge for investment and fosters a mindset of wealth and prosperity.

For these very reasons, the company employs a legal team to ensure all obligations are met, including having a valid CNPJ, licensing permits, and compliance with the latest legislation regarding digital assets and, most notably, crypto assets managed by the CVM. Due to these factors and more, BDM Digital is regarded as a secure digital asset, appreciating in value, without speculative motives, practical to use, and offering genuine purchasing power.

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