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UFOs or UAPs?

In the realm of social media, much has been discussed about extraterrestrial life, UFOs, anomalies, and the like. Seizing this opportunity, Dakila Pesquisas researcher Felipe Castelo Branco has once again delved into this type of content on his communication channel: Felipe Castelo Branco - on YouTube. Through this platform, he informs viewers about various subjects, including politics, ufology, astronomy, technological science, and more.

In his video titled "Matrix Ruindo: UFOS/UAPS Abertura ou Revelações Aumentam!" (Matrix Crumbling: UFOs/UAPs Openings or Revelations Increase!), Felipe emphasizes that the themes of ufology are no longer unfamiliar to the general population. They are increasingly being discussed in newspapers, magazines, and by many experts, former military personnel, and ex-defense agents who have come forward to share their experiences regarding this UFO-related subject. They approach the matter with seriousness, which has contributed to changing the negative perception that many people have about this topic.

For example, David Charles Grusch, a former officer of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), who worked on analyzing UAPs, stated, "The U.S. government has intact and partially intact extraterrestrial craft hidden away."

In his testimony, Grusch revealed ultra-secret information, including the locations of some of these craft and the names of high-ranking officials involved in these programs. He also claimed that recovery operations for these craft are still ongoing. However, the information remains classified and under investigation in Congress. Grusch also disclosed that he reported to Congress that a kind of cold war is currently underway: a global competition among different governments to collect and reverse engineer these alleged spacecraft. Similarly, former Fox News TV host Tucker Carlson,

known for having one of the highest TV audiences in America, used his social media platform to state, "A former U.S. Air Force officer who worked for years in intelligence services has come forward to reveal that the U.S. government possesses physical evidence of non-human artifacts, such as aircraft and the bodies of the pilots of these aircraft. The Pentagon has spent decades studying these 'supernatural' remnants with the aim of building technologically advanced weaponry. This is what the former officer revealed, and it seemed clear that he was telling the truth. In other words, UFOs are real, and apparently, extraterrestrial life exists. Now we know... in a normal country, this kind of news would be considered a bombshell, the story of the millennium! But in our country, it's not. The whistleblower's story is on a relatively unknown technology website called Debrief, while The Washington Post had this story in its hands but chose not to publish it, and The New York Times pretended not to know about it. On the front page of The New York Times this morning, there were five stories about Ukraine, four stories about Donald Trump, transgender individuals, and climate change. The usual. There was nothing about alien species flying in hypersonic spacecraft over our cities. Not a word. So, if you ever wonder, 'Why is our country so dysfunctional...,' this is a big part of the reason: nobody knows what's going on! A small group of people controls access to all relevant information, and the rest of us are kept in the dark. We're allowed to scream about racism, but try talking about something that really matters and see what happens. If you keep trying, they'll silence you. Trust us, that's how they maintain control."

Felipe Castelo Branco comments that NASA has been carefully managing the release of information regarding UFOs. He says, "They've been showing and discussing this subject lately, but they're only scratching the surface. It's NOTHING compared to everything they know and conceal." He also points out that the change from the acronym UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) to UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) was made to reduce the stigma and conspiracy theories associated with the term UFO. However, the real meaning behind it is, "Those who talk about UFOs are considered conspiracy theorists, and those who discuss UAPs are renowned scientists, people who know what they're talking about." This shift could be likened to the saying, "You've swapped six for half a dozen."


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